New Office Soon To Be Completed

Dillon Carr, Staff Writer

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   Over the last nine months, the Front Office has been under construction and it is finally close to being completed and is due to open by the end of this month.

   According to the UC High website, the new office was supposed to open in September and be ready by the beginning of this school year. The new office will have new carpet, new furniture, and new paint. (

    According to the UC High website, since February 2018, all office staff had been moved and are now currently working out of the Media Center (

   Counselor Kelsey Bradshaw explained that one of the most beneficial changes of the new office will be the new walls in the counseling office that prevent people from outside of a counselor’s office from hearing what is going on inside. “One of the problems before was that, if you talked too loudly, you could be heard on the other side of the paper wall,” said Bradshaw. This caused problems with confidentiality and privacy, and will no longer be an issue.

   According to Bradshaw, the new windows on the sides of the office are for safety reasons.  “Now people in the office can view the quad,” she stated.

   Bradshaw continued and said that the new office will also receive new technology, which will help with college application process.

   “If the new office helps the administration work more effectively and [doesn’t] sacrifice the attention they need to give to students, then it was money well spent,” said former UC High Student Janelle Hicks.

   “It looks nice but they could have done something better. They could have fixed all of the broken stuff in the other buildings rather than remodeling the office,” said Senior Sean Boelter. “A lot of our school has other areas that need to be repainted or repaired,” said Junior Alex Tong.

   According to Plant Operations Supervisor Mark Harington, there have been new additions to the main office. He said that four of the offices, including the vice principals’ offices, now have doors that lead out to the quad, and there are new sliding glass windows. Also, the new facility restrooms are bigger in the office now, and there is a new, larger waiting room, he added.

    “We started to move into the new office this week,” said Harrington.

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