New Bathrooms Built to Code: Will Enhance Measures of Privacy and Suit New BABIES Act

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New Bathrooms Built to Code: Will Enhance Measures of Privacy and Suit New BABIES Act

Julie Whitehill, Staff Writer

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  As many of the UC High students are aware, there has been an abundance of construction on and around campus for a prolonged period of time.

   Plant Operations Supervisor Mark Harrington said, “The new bathrooms are pretty cool, except we have already found a couple of students who have destroyed parts of them, such as the stall doors. The reconstruction of the quad restrooms were finished on time. Our construction is sometimes not finished on time because of what they label as unforeseen circumstances. They have their little formula and system that they use to figure out how long each portion takes to complete.”

   Regarding the 400 Building boys bathrooms, Harrington also explained, “We added a tiled cement block in the middle to set a higher measure of privacy, so that when we lock the doors open, people walking by cannot see straight into the restrooms.”

   Despite the seemingly endless construction, many students are thankful that renovation of the bathrooms was included. Junior Rose Grimm stated, “[The bathrooms] were really nasty, but now I feel like I can go to the bathroom whenever and I don’t have to worry so much about the level of cleanliness.”

    Junior Bridget Cass added, though, that “…it’s only been a month and most of the hand-driers don’t work, some of the toilets don’t flush, and some of the sinks don’t work. There is also no toilet paper a lot of the time.”

  Another addition that was noticed by people who use these bathrooms are the baby changing tables in the new 200 Building restrooms. Grimm stated, “I think the baby changing tables are neat but it also seems unnecessary because I’m not sure if anyone has a child at this school. However, I still believe that it is a good idea because my mom had to do that with my sister when she was attending high school.”

  According to a site about facility and maintenance, “A new law requires baby changing facilities in restrooms in public buildings. The bill, H.R.5147, known as the Bathrooms Accessible in Every Situation (or BABIES) Act, was signed into law by President Barack Obama on October seven of 2016” (

   This means that in every public and community restroom, it is required by law for there to be a baby changing station or baby changing table. Junior Conner Platt said,  “It’s interesting seeing a baby changing station in the boys bathroom, because I’ve never seen anyone use them.”

   Harrington said, “I asked them why there are baby changing tables and I am told that it is part of the new ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) upgrades. I was also told directly from the architect that our bathrooms classify as community restrooms. So whenever outside groups visit our auditorium, we have to meet certain standards. As far as I am informed, there are only adults using these baby changing tables.”

   Despite the majority of positive feedback, the priorities of where and how the school funds are spent are also a concern for students. Cass said, “It’s really good that we have new bathrooms and new walls but at the same time, I think that we could be spending our money on some things that are more important. I also think that we didn’t need to reconstruct the walls.”

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