Gym and Locker Room Updates Provide More Functional Facilities

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Gym and Locker Room Updates Provide More Functional Facilities

Julia Moyer, Staff Writer

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   UC High has been under construction for months but there will soon be new boys’ and girls’ locker rooms. In addition, brand new bleachers have been added to the gym, as well as a few other improvements, to update the look of the school and provide the students and staff with more functional facilities.

   “The vendor reported that the lockers would be shipped on September 21 and arrived the following week,” said Principal Jeff Olivero. He continued, “It was supposed to take them seven to ten days to install them, so they were supposed to be done the second week of October.” The construction on the gym lockers began after the graduation ceremony last year, according to Olivero.

   Olivero added that the new lockers were installed not only in the Physical Education (PE) rooms, but the team rooms as well.

   “All of the lockers were stripped out, and they are building new team rooms where some of the showers once were,” explained Olivero.

   According to Plant Operations Supervisor Mark Harrington, there will be a total of four team rooms, two in the girls’ locker room and two in the boys’. Two of them will be for UC High athletes to keep their gear in and change before practice and games. The other two will be for visiting teams. “Any team that comes to visit will no longer have to go in the gym [to get ready before a game].”

   Harrington added, “Instead of having 47 showers nobody used, we will now have maybe nine shower heads.”

   “The new bleachers had to be special ordered. We could’ve chosen to have them done quicker, but I made a decision to have them delayed since they will be around for another 30 years,” said Olivero. “Unfortunately, we had to postpone volleyball in the gym for three weeks in order to get specialized bleachers,” he added.

   “The delay, in terms of the bleachers… was done on purpose,” said Olivero. “There are decals that are next to each step that have the UC High logo as well as the ones painted onto the bleachers,” he explained.

   At first, there was an issue with the bleachers affecting sports games since they could only be pulled out in sections. “Initially, the bleachers would all stick together and come out to a certain point, but we figured out how to get it under control,” said Olivero.

   There was a rumor going around that air conditioning would be added in the gym. According to Olivero, “There will be no AC added in the gym, but only into the men’s and women’s coaches offices.”

   “Recently in the gym, new hardware, electrical and basketball backboards have been added,” said Harrington.

   Since the locker rooms are under construction, this year has been very different for PE students and teachers. “PE classes have been doing a lot of activities that relate to PE standards. Some may or may not require physical exertion,” said Olivero. He believes they have been doing units that are less strenuous as of right now since the students can’t suit up in the locker rooms.

   “PE classes have been doing everything we normally do, but during cardio days, the students walk instead of run,” said PE Coach Bonnie Newmark.

   “Since the students can’t dress up and we coaches depend on learning their name from their PE shirts, it has been a struggle to learn their names,” said Newmark.

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