Dress Code

Luke Minnick, News Editor

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    After last month’s grade-level assemblies, held in the gym on Thursday, September 13, controversies arrose concerning the dress code, how it is enforced, and how the administration decided to introduce the topic at the assembly.

   Some students were angered after the administration explained the meaning of the pink slips that read, “Congratulations!” given out at the front door, before students entered the assembly.

  According to Vice Principal Jo McGlin, “The pink slips were given out to students as a warning that the dress code will start to be enforced regularly.” The “Congratulations!” was meant to say “Congratulations for getting away with breaking the dress code so far,” she explained.

   McGlin reassured, “I have been at this school for five years now and the dress code has been the same every year.”

   McGlin added, “The dress code policy was created by the SGT committee which is made up of staff members, classified and certified, as well as parents and students.” The SGT, or Site Governance Team, is also responsible for putting in place the phone policy and late-start Wednesdays, according to UC High website (sandiegounified.org).

Dress codes are causing national controversy. According to BBC News, “The Kenosha School District policy banning form-fitting leggings and tank tops had been called sexist by the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) and a group of students and parents” (bbc.com).

   BBC quoted ACLU Wisconsin lawyer Asma Kadri Keeler saying, “We can talk about items of clothing and we can talk about decency and all that, but the bigger picture is that girls are being pulled out of class and losing access to education at a rate that boys aren’t” (bbc.com).

  After this was published, Ms. Tanya Ruder, chief communications officer for the Kenosha District, told the BBC that the district is taking responsible steps to ensure the dress code is fair (bbc.com).

   According to San Diego’s 10News, the Alameda School District drafted a new policy because the old dress code focused unfairly on girls.

  “The UC High dress code isn’t used to target girls. It’s only in place to get rid of distractions in classrooms,” McGlin stated.

   “This sexist dress code is teaching women how to dress to not get sexualized, instead of teaching guys to not sexualize women,” stated Junior Meredith Olney.

   The UC High dress code is included in the registration packet every year and can be accessed at the school website in the “Student/Parent Handbook” under “Student Life” (sandiegounified.org).

  Principal Jeff Olivero told staff at the last staff meeting that the SGT will be revisiting the dress code, and this did indeed begin at the last SGT meeting, according to members.

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