Battle of the Brains Staff Beat Students from Academic League

Maya Ercolano, Staff Writer

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   On May 29, select UC High teachers and seniors used their skills to compete against each other in an event called the Brain Bowl or the Battle of the Brains, a culmination of a years’ work for the Academic League Team and a send-off for the seniors.

   Teachers that participated included: AP Calculus Teacher Phillip Huszar, English Teacher Aaron Pores, AP  Physics  Teacher  Scott Patterson, AP Art History Teacher Jonathan Schiller, AP Government Teacher Michelle Fournier, Honors American Literature Teacher Jennifer Huszar, Frohoff, Math Teacher Margaret Himez, and AP Chemistry Teacher Maureen Quessenberry.

   According to Math Teacher Phillip Huszar, the event is a trivia competition played between staff members and the senior members of UC High’s Academic League Team. “Brain Bowl uses Academic League rules. There are five players on a team at a time with substitutions allowed. The teams are given a toss-up question that anyone playing can answer, in a race to buzz in with the correct response. If correct, a set of bonus points are given. Winning teams are awarded the pride of victory for the year,” said Huszar.

   The game ended in a loss for the students, with a score of 335-265.

   “The thing I enjoy the most about playing against the students is being able to admire the intellectual growth they have gone through as a result of being part of the Academic League. The fact that they can go toe to toe with their teachers is a testament to their hard work and determination,” expressed Huszar.

   Junior Tori Michaelian stated, “The Battle of the Brains match is organized by the juniors, sophomores, and freshmen on the team. The juniors typically write the questions and the underclassmen clean and set up.”

   Huszar said, “This was the ninth annual match of the Brain Bowl. Dr. Sandra Mann, a retired and former teacher here at UC High, created this program. It was a blast when I was a former student here.”

   “I think the Brain Bowl is an excellent send-off for the students. It gives Academic League one final event to look forward to, and it also serves as a fundraiser for the program. It is also really fun,” added Huszar.

   “Students and staff enjoy the competition every year. We always have a few other teachers compete along with the coaches,” said Patterson.

      Physics Teacher Scott Patterson stated, “Academic League is definitely a team. It is essentially a sport of the brains, rather than athletics. Students can earn varsity letters, and we compete against other schools in the district.”

   Senior Madeleine Masser-Frye said, “I heard about the team at a club rush freshman year and joined because I’m competitive and like trivia.”

   “A friend told me about Academic League and I joined my sophomore year. I have many close friends in the program that encouraged me to stay,” said Michaelian.

   Masser-Frye stated, “It is hard; many of the schools we play [during the regular season] are really quick and the teachers have had much more experience and a longer amount of time to absorb random facts than we [the students] have.”

   “All year, the coaches — Mr. Huzar, Mr. Pores, and myself — work with the students and practice for our matches. Each level, varsity, JV, and novice, has a different practice time, and all players may attend all practices. Varsity practice is on Wednesdays at lunch in Mr. Huszar’s room, 450, JV is on Mondays at lunch in Mr. Pores’s room, B-9, and novice is on Tuesdays at lunch in my classroom, 439,” stated Patterson.

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