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Colonel Mark Tull Joins UC Marine Corps JROTC

Colonel Mark Tull is now on campus.

Colonel Mark Tull is now on campus.

Julia Moyer

Julia Moyer

Colonel Mark Tull is now on campus.

Abby Cosgrove, Staff Writer

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    After Lieutenant Colonel (Lt Col) Brian Josten moved into an administrative position in the district, Colonel Mark Tull was assigned to the Marine Corps Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps (MCJROTC) at UC High the week of January 5.    

    First Sergeant Mark Keller said that Josten was hired for a vice principal job at Vista High and his last day was January 4. “Our school district and school went through the hiring process and selected Tull to be our new Senior Marine Instructor (SMI),” stated Keller.

   Colonel Mark Tull stated, “The program’s goals are to develop a better citizen when [members] graduate from school and to develop the individual and give them leadership opportunities they wouldn’t get from other elements of the high school curriculum. It’s kind of unique in that aspect. It’s a leadership-focused program.”

   He added, “This is a great unit. It has a very good reputation, but sometimes you get to come in and see a thing or two you can add to it, and that’s kind of where I am right now. Frankly, I’ve only been on deck for a couple of weeks, but I’m very impressed with the quality of cadets and UC High students as a whole. It’s a great school.”

    Senior Commanding Officer Patrick Dela Rosa explained, “The colonel’s main job is to oversee everything that the cadets do, teach classes, and while most of it is run by the cadets, he’s there to help if they need it.”

   Dela Rosa said that he hopes having a new colonel will bring a fresh view on things and that the old cadets will be able to bring him up to speed.

    “Lt Col Josten and I started the JROTC program here at UC High six years ago, and he will be missed by the cadets and myself,” explained Keller. “We have a change in leadership and we will be able to learn from the new Colonel. He’ll definitely teach us many new things.”

   Tull spent 31 years in the Marine Corps before retiring in October 2017, and his “…diverse background in communication and development skills will bring a positive change,” explained Keller.

   “I love [the program]. There’s a sense of enthusiasm and energy that’s resonant only within our youth, and it’s just fun to be a part of that. Again, I’m amazed when I see young men and women carrying so much responsibility and performing so well in leadership roles; it’s motivating. We’re making minor tweaks here and there, but overall this is a very efficient, well-run program and we look to build on that,” said Tull.

   Senior Cadet First Lieutenant and Platoon Advisor Savanna Hicke said that they will definitely miss Josten, but it’s a positive thing to have changes in life. Hicke added that they know the new colonel will be a good contribution to the program.

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Colonel Mark Tull Joins UC Marine Corps JROTC