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Early Out Wednesdays Proposed to Change to Late Start Wednesdays

Julia Moyer, Staff Writer

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   Next school year, UC High has proposed to the district a change to late-start Wednesdays instead of early-out Wednesdays, in order to test if the extra sleep time will be more beneficial to students and staff.

   “Right now, we are suggesting the idea to the district in order to make sure that they can accommodate us with transportation later in the day,” said Vice Principal Michael Paredes.

   On the late-start Wednesdays, students would be coming to school around 8:30 and would be getting out at the typical time school ends, which is 2:18, said English Teacher Richard Frink.

   Everything that the staff would be doing after school on the early-out Wednesdays, they would instead be doing it before school, in the morning, explained Parades. “Teachers would have time to work with other members of their departments and in their professional learning communities,” he added.

   “I believe that the late start would benefit students, which is the ultimate goal, but some adjustments would need to be made as far as making sure the professional development gets done earlier rather than later in the day,” explained Frink.

   Frink continued, “Science has shown that the students’ brains are still in sleep mode when it comes to first and second period, so we are hoping a later start will be more beneficial to them.”

  Looking at the situation in a different light, History Teacher and Varsity Wrestling Coach Eddie Hernandez explained,  “The idea behind a later start time seems to be good, but it only is good for the students that live in the neighborhood. The problem is, the students who don’t live in this neighborhood will be facing more problems including traffic in the morning.” In other words, students riding the bus would likely have to leave around the same time they do now, but would be returning home even later.

   “I feel that having a late start will create a barrier for students who ride the bus. Instead of creating more problems for the students, we should be resolving other issues at our school,” Hernandez added.

     “The decision to try out this late start was determined by the School Governance Team,” explained Paredes. Students’, teachers’, and parents’ views were all considered when making this decision, he added.

   “The late-start Wednesday is a trial run to see if students will perform better throughout the day with the extra hour of sleep they would be getting in the morning,” said Frink.

   Intervention days for students, which are normally after school on Wednesdays, would be moved to before school starts, explained Paredes.

   “We want to try on this late start to see if it is better for our students and our school,” said Paredes.

   “Rather than looking at a later start time, we should be looking at more efficient ways of conducting our school, such as a shorter class time or a longer passing period,” said Hernandez.

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Early Out Wednesdays Proposed to Change to Late Start Wednesdays