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Acts of Random Kindness Club: Spreads Positivity On and Off Campus

Luke Minnick, Staff Writer

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   The Acts of Random Kindness (ARK) Club, established in 2017 at UC High, is a group of cordial students whose main goal is to spread kindness, on and off campus.

  According to the official website, “[Members] live everyday working to make kindness effortless and have selfless acts be the norm” (

   The goal of the program is to get people to have fun spreading kindness and getting kids to join the movement, according to Junior Co-President Andrea Tran.

   Advisor Ashley Franz stated, “The presidents [Juniors Andrea Tran and Tara Maxwell], are incredible. I truly do admire them.”

   Tran stated, “I started the club because I felt the environment at UC [High] was very negative, and I wanted to bring out positive attitudes on campus.” The leaders of the club are very passionate about making UC High a better environment.

   “My favorite part is seeing the happiness the ARK activities bring,” Maxwell stated.

   According to the two co-presidents, the club does activities on and off campus. One time, they did something as simple as giving cookies to star students of each fourth period class. They are currently planning a trip to downtown San Diego to insert money in random parking meters. The purpose is to spread kindness with the hope that more and more people will continue the trend and “spread it on.” Besides these frequent activities, the club also encourages students to be kind in every interaction possible.

   “I think we encounter a lot of negativity on a daily basis, and this club is trying to bring the spirit of the golden rule back and spread kindness,” claimed Franz.

   According to Franz, she was asked by Maxwell to advise the club, and she couldn’t say no because she believed in the philosophy of the club.

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Acts of Random Kindness Club: Spreads Positivity On and Off Campus