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Students Use Counterfeit Tickets at World Fair

Emma Conrad, Editor-in-Chief

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  On December 15, UC High held the Holiday World Fair — an opportunity for clubs to raise funds for the upcoming year by selling a variety of food and treats; but some students got ahold of counterfeit tickets and used those, instead of purchasing them from the school.

   According to Vice Principal Michael Paredes, “Approximately 50 dollars in tickets were copied and cut to look like the ones that were sold in the classroom by teachers in the days leading up to the fair.”

   ASB Advisor Donna Fallon added that fake tickets were found because multiple tickets had the same numbers, revealing that some were counterfeit.

   “We are still looking at how we might be able to avoid having this situation impact individual clubs. In a worst-case scenario, clubs would not receive funds for counterfeit tickets that they collected during the fair,” Paredes commented.

   Science Olympiad Club President Lorenzo Van Munoz said, “As president of Science Olympiad, a club that is on a tight budget, it is very frustrating to know counterfeit tickets were being used.”

   However, Fallon explained  that none of the clubs were really affected this time, as ASB supplemented any irregularities.

   “We are working with ASB to identify a new process for the pre-sale of tickets, along with securing tickets or a similar system that is harder to counterfeit,” Paredes explained.

   “So this has in fact changed how we will manage our system of tickets. We ordered a new set of tickets designed specifically for each event. It has the events name, date, and year on it. I believe we will put stickers or signatures to identify which tickets are which. We ordered them to prevent this from happening once again. Also. the tickets we ordered will be different colors and centurion tickets,” said ASB President Jared Stahl.

   Paredes added, “We are ready to respond to any information that might come forward regarding who might have been responsible for this — it’s basically stealing.”

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Students Use Counterfeit Tickets at World Fair