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Fishing Club Hopes to Hook in New Members

Jaimelyn Cruz, Staff Writer

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   UC High’s Fishing Club gets together along San Diego waters once a month to fish.

Co-Presidents Sophomore Aiden Kennedy and Sophomore Cody Carlson have always had a love of fishing, even prior to the club’s establishment. “I’ve been fishing since I was about two,” said Kennedy.

According to Kennedy, the club gets together at nearby bays and beaches in San Diego. “Most of the time we go to a place called South Mission Jetty, but we’re planning on going some other places as well,” explained Kennedy.

Carlson added how location determines what variety of fish they’ll catch. “It depends on where you fish, but generally we catch fish like Calico Bass, Sculpin, Kelpfish and Sand bass.”

Kennedy explained that the club fishes at places where no license is required. “We don’t need licenses where we fish because they are man-made structures. You also only need a license when you’re over sixteen, so we don’t have to have them.”

According to the Co-Presidents, the club fishes for both leisure and competition.

“Sometimes we just do catch-and-release for fun,” added Treasurer Colin Ruthenberg.

According to Kennedy, the club also has sponsored competitions. “We’re sponsored by a tackle shop named Squidco,” explained Kennedy. He added, “What we’ll do is we’ll measure each fish and whoever gets the most inches of fish wins prizes. The prizes include hats, shirts, and gift cards.”

Carlson recalled exciting moments the fishing club has had on the water: “We were on a full-day boat, which is offshore, and we got a double hook-up of tuna,” said Carlson. According to Kennedy, a “double hook-up” is when a person catches two fish on the same hook.

The Co-Presidents originally started the club as a way to get friends together. “A lot of our friends had an interest in it, and we thought it would be a good idea to have it for everybody to have fun,” explained Kennedy.

Ruthenberg joined to support his friends. “Aiden is a good friend of mine and I wanted to support him in starting the club,” Ruthenberg stated.

Though they started the club with many of their friends, the club officers are hopeful that other people will join the club. “It would be cool to have other people join the club,” said Ruthenberg. “It’s fun to go out and fish with other people.”

According to the club officers, no experience is needed to join. “We have extra gear and everything so you don’t need any experience whatsoever,” said Kennedy.

“I’m for sure not the best fisher, so that says something,” Ruthenberg added.

Overall, the club’s main motive is to experience fishing adventures with others. “It’s just all of our friends going out and having fun while we fish,” stated Carlson.

“My favorite part about fishing is the adventure,” said Kennedy. “You never know what you’re going to catch.”



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Fishing Club Hopes to Hook in New Members