Fun and Fresh Farmers’ Markets Across San Diego

Kate Wiggins, Features Editor

As we slowly make our way back to normality, we have seen small businesses and stores open back to the public. However, farmers’ markets have probably been one of the more overlooked public gatherings that have been affected by COVID-19. Luckily, farmers’ markets have made their return, and there is probably one waiting in a neighborhood near you!

   For those who may not know, a farmers’ market is an outdoor retail marketplace for farmers to sell directly to consumers. They typically consist of booths, tables or stands where farmers sell their homegrown produce, plants, food and drinks, and artists sell their  art.  

   San Diego has some of the best farmers’ markets to offer. From La Jolla to North Park, there is a market for everyone to pick up their own fresh produce and homemade goods. Every market is unique in its own ways due to the variation in vendors and their products.

   Markets like the Ocean Beach Farmers’ Market really show what farmers’ markets are all about. Taking place every Wednesday on Newport Avenue, this marketplace has almost everything you could think of, and probably more. Here, you can find great produce, delicious bites, and hand-crafted art, all for a good price. The sunset makes for a beautiful scene, and at night, lights from the vendors and the scent of scrumptious food creates a fun and fair-like atmosphere. For those who are stuck inside all day, this provides a safe and scenic place to shop and enjoy the outdoors. Senior Katriina Wright shared, “I really enjoy going to farmers’ markets with my dad, but because of COVID-19, I haven’t been able to go in a while. Overall, I think that it’s a pretty unique experience and you never know what you will be able to find.”

   Of course, each market has now set up general health regulations to ensure that everything runs safely and smoothly. Masks are required, most markets are set up outside and on public streets, and social distancing is enforced as well. The Pacific Beach Tuesday Farmers Market, held on Bayard Street, sets up guidelines and rules around the market to remind shoppers the importance of social distancing and face coverings. They have also enforced specific entrances and exits to maintain a safe and constant flow of shoppers. A website about San Diego local markets said, “In cooperation with City of San Diego COVID-19 guidelines, markets are focused on grocery shopping and prepared food is only offered for takeout” (

   As fun as going to a farmers’ market may be, we should also remember how important it is to support local farmers and artists, especially during times of economic hardship. As a food blog describes, “Supporting local food and farmers means that the food you eat is grown and produced in your local area, and that the money you spend for that food benefits local farmers and producers.” In addition to supporting local farmers, you are also helping the environment! “Locally grown food is good for the environment and for sustainability, because good farmers ensure that the land is well kept with minimal, if any, usage of chemicals and fertilizers. These practices can sequester carbon, and they can also help ensure proper natural habitats for wildlife” (

  Whenever you are craving that fresh-squeezed orange juice, a delicious loaf of artisan bread, or are looking for a beautiful hand-crafted piece of jewelry to add to your collection, consider visiting a farmers’ market to support your community.