Top Ten: Spring Celebrations

Jenna Harper, Features Editor

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  At last, spring has arrived. Considering all the dreary weather we’ve had this year, we’re all excited for a little warmth and sunshine… I know I am! Now that we’re springing into spring (and summer next), it’s a good time to enjoy and celebrate this sunny, happy season to its fullest potential. Without further ado, here are the top ten best ways to celebrate spring!

10.) Outdoor Theater With all the nice weather and clear nights, setting up an outdoor theater to screen any of your favorite movies is a fun and inexpensive way to fully enjoy a warm spring evening. All you need is some pillows, blankets, a white sheet, a projector, and your favorite movie!

9.) Fruity Specials Springtime is all about being clean and fresh, so what’s better than enjoying some lovely crisp fruits? Whether made into a smoothie, popsicles, or a salad, there is no doubt that you will enjoy a fruity special to celebrate springtime.

8.) Egg DecoratingEaster may have passed; however, the classic spring ideal of celebrating new life hasn’t. So get out your paint brushes, egg shells, and dyes in order to get going on those colorful decorations. And if you’re not into eggshell decorating, use those crushed up shells as a nice garden helper, which also holds true to the “new life” springtime theme.

7.) Arts and Crafts Similar to egg decorating, arts and crafts using springtime essentials is a fun and unique way to honor the season. This can be done through paintings of blossoming scenes, nature drawings, and so much more. The possibilities are endless!

6.) Flowers GaloreWe’ve seen it all over Instagram… the flower fields across California are in full bloom. Whether it be the poppy fields up north, the rose garden right here in Balboa Park, or the Carlsbad Flower Fields, make sure to get out and enjoy all spring has to offer in terms of Mother Earth — and don’t forget to take pictures!

5.) Bring Spring Indoors Bringing the great outdoors indoors is not only easy, but it will also help freshen and brighten up your home. This can be as easy as purchasing a flower bouquet, or even just picking some from outside.

4.) Spring CleaningAh yes, spring cleaning. Keeping with those “fresh” and “new life” themes. Going through and purging your home of any unneeded or unused items is a perfect way to ring in the season. Not to mention you’ll be doing yourself a favor anyways.

3.) Have a PicnicLiving in sunny San Diego, we’re lucky enough to have countless beautiful views that are easily available to us. So grab that picnic basket and load it up with all your favorite foods, head out to the Torrey Pines Gliderport, Kate Sessions Park, or even the beach, and enjoy everything spring gifts us with.

2.) Plant to GrowOnce again, that “new life” theme comes into fruition. As the weather warms up, the soil is fertile, and we’re still expecting some potential rain, so now is the perfect time to plant that garden. Fresh fruits, herbs, and veggies are a good and healthy way to enter the springtime season.

1.) Enjoy the Great OutdoorsWhile having a picnic is one way to do so, there are so many exciting and lively ways to enjoy the great outdoors. This can be done through hosting a barbecue, taking an outdoor yoga class, or even just sitting outside for a little while. Enjoying the fresh air and sunshine is by far the best way to celebrate spring.

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