Old Town Cinco De Mayo Celebrations

Pavle Ristic, Staff Writer

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Cinco De Mayo has evolved to become more than just a party — now young and old come together to share Mexican culture and tradition right here in San Diego. This Cinco de Mayo, wander your way to Old Town anytime between May 3-5 to enjoy “the largest Cinco De Mayo celebration north of the border” at the 36th Annual Fiesta Old Town Cinco De Mayo located on San Diego Avenue between Conde and Twiggs. With over 100,000 people going to watch more than 40 Latin bands and artists perform, it’s a celebration you won’t want to miss! (kpbs.org).

   Cinco De Mayo is a traditional holiday, which is actually celebrated in the United States way more than it is in Mexico. This year, according to their official website, Old Town will continue this Americanized event with numerous festivities including music, dance, food, and entertainment for all ages (cincodemayooldtown.com).

   Cinco De Mayo’s ability to bring together the American and Mexican culture is put on display in this celebration. Lowrider Cars, a classic part of Mexican-American California car culture will play a large role in Old Town’s celebration, with a showcase and “Lowrider Lane.” There will also be a dance presentation by the Charros Family, who dance with a special cowboy routine featuring tricks and lassos. Cowboys are also a mix of American and Mexican culture and this traditional dance reinforces the blend of people who participate in the Cinco De Mayo tradition (cincodemayooldtown.com).

  Another headlining attraction will be the ongoing Lucha Libre fights. The costumed wrestlers are a mainstay of Mexican entertainment, with fans coming to cheer on their favorite luchadores from all around. The Lucha Libre Cantina will also be supplying refreshments and snacks as the thrilling Mexican wrestling matches continue through the night (cincodemayooldtown.com).

   The Mercado (Market) is where the concessions and stands will be found. Anything from original art, to handcrafted clothes and pottery, can be found within the booths of the Mercado. This market will give an aesthetic feel of being in Mexico, as visitors will be surrounded and immersed in Latin products and food. The vendors of Cinco De Mayo will be bringing their original handcrafted products to the people of San Diego through this event (cincodemayooldtown.com).

   The celebration also stresses the family-friendly vibe with a specially dedicated kids area featuring its own attractions. There will be face painters, arts and crafts, a wheel of fortune, and giant puppets. The kids will also be able to watch performers at the Park Stage located in the same area as all the other children’s attractions (oldtownsandiegoguide.com).

    Junior Luka Vujic attended the Cinco De Mayo last year with a group of his friends. “It was a great experience. It was easy to chill and have a good time while eating great food and watching interesting performances,” he explained.

   This year’s Cinco De Mayo is set to be spectacular, an event where people of all origins come together for a great celebration. Outstanding performances, delicious food and drinks, as well as fun activities for all ages, will make for a most memorable time.

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