You’ve Been Admitted — Now Show Some Spirit!

Kyla Esquivel, Photographer

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   As the seniors graduate and go off to college, some might feel they are moving from the top of the food chain right back down to the bottom. They move from being comfortable in their surroundings to being lost in an entirely new environment. As they enter the college scene, they may feel alone, anxious, and disconnected. There are, however, many ways to become part of college life and thrive.

   One way you can get involved at your college is by going to sporting events. By attending these events, you can meet new friends, tailgate and enjoy the people around you. Spending time with the people who attend the same school as you can help you make friends and become acquainted with outstanding athletes from your school.

   A popular way to become a part of the college community is to join a fraternity or a sorority. Fraternity and sorority houses are social organizations where you live with a group of guys in a fraternity or a group of girls in a sorority. You can get into a fraternity or a sorority as an undergraduate student and your membership continues for life. They help you get through college and can give you a big group of friends who stay connected even after graduation.

   Additionally, while you are in college, you can explore the diverse clubs and associations offered, and maybe even join a few. If you are in a club or clubs in high school, when you get to your college, see if they offer any of the same clubs. Then check out all of the clubs that your school has to offer. Senior Summer Knowlton said, “When I get to college I will want to join an activist group for the LGBT community or a woman’s rights association.” If you were not in a club in high school, you may still see something that interests you. If you see something that you’re interested in, go for it! Being in college is all about the experience, so go experience new things. Clubs and associations can give you an easily formed group of friends, because you all share an interest or activity.

   When entering a college or university, you have the option to live in the dorms. This living situation is ideal for getting to know people. Going to a college away from San Diego will give you a bigger opportunity to meet new people and live out on your own. “I am really excited for college. It’ll be really nice to get away from my parents and have new experiences and meet new people,” added Senior Hattie Connell.

   If going to sport or social events are not your things, you can always represent your school by wearing college gear. Even though anyone can walk into your school and buy a shirt with the college name on it, you’ll know that you worked hard to get into that school and have pride showing off where you go as well as what you study.

   Becoming a part of your new college community may be as simple as wearing the college shirt around campus or being involved and participating in a club. Whatever you do to become a part of the community, participating in college life will be rewarding and enjoyable.

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