Top 10 Things to do When You’re Missing Home

Jenna Harper, Features Editor

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As the school year comes to a close and we prepare to send our Senior Class off to college to launch into the big bad world of adulthood, they must also prep for the inevitable homesickness that will soon ensue. So what are people to do when their dreams and daydreams are filled with visions of their hometown of sunny SD, while they’re supposed to be living it up in new places? Here are the top ten things to do when you’re missin’ home and need a little pick me up — even if you’re not too far away!

10.)Become a Regular- Perhaps at the coffee shop around the corner or maybe even the yogurt place down the street? Either way, having a place where you’re known and always feel welcomed is a way to familiarize yourself with that same comfortable feeling from home.

9.)Remember Why You Left- You left for a reason. Whether it be pursuing the career or school of your dreams, or possibly for the very reason of just getting away, or maybe even just wanting a change, you left for a reason and don’t forget that.

8.)Create a Routine- Once you’ve finally settled in a new place, you must also settle into a routine of life. A routine ensures stability, and the less time you have to think and reminisce about how much you miss everything.

7.)Send Gifts Home- In an effort to remind your loved ones of you and the love you have for them, send them gifts from your new home with notes about all of the things you’ve done and just generally updating them on what’s new and exciting.

6.)Keep Home in Mind- In addition to sending gifts back home, you should also bring your favorite mementos from home. A few San Diego keepsakes may include that one candle that always reminds you of the smell of your living room, your favorite sentiments from your besties, and, most importantly, pictures.

5.)Keep in Contact- This tip also correlates with the two above tips. Keep in contact with your friends and family from back home, but not so much to the point that all you think about is home.

4.)Make New Friends- People say that the friends you make after high school will become your friends for life. In this case, pick some good ones to be your family away from home.

3.)Don’t Dwell- It’s perfectly fine to be a little sad your first few weeks away and to miss your loved ones, but it’s very important to not dwell. Stay optimistic and remember all the upsides to the move, as opposed to the downsides.

2.)Explore It All- This is definitely the most exciting and fun tip on the list. You’re living in new city, state, or possibly even country, so act like it! Go out and explore your new environment and meet the locals. Immerse yourself!

1.)Embrace Change-

Remember, you’re a graduate. You’ve made it out of high school and are finally coming into the world and into adulthood, so embrace that. Embrace the changes, good and bad.

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