Del Mar Fair 2018 Is A Sweet Place to See This Summer

artwork by Stephanie Carreto

Kate Wiggins, Staff Writer

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   If you plan on going to the San Diego County Fair this year, you’re in for a treat. This year’s theme is “How Sweet It Is.” When you step onto the fairgrounds, you will immediately enter a candy-crazed world. Get ready to be blown away by iconic fair foods, thrilling rides, new exhibits, and great concerts.

   Now let’s be honest, when you think of the fair, one of the first things that comes to your mind is the food. The smell of the huge turkey legs being grilled, bright colors of cotton candy, or the sweet aroma of funnel cakes being made always adds to the experience. Even just getting a bite of these scrumptious foods can make your day at the fair so much better. Just remember not to eat too many sweets before getting on rides.

   Speaking of rides — the fair’s rides are guaranteed to get a good scream out of you! Rides that spin and drop are scattered all across the Fun Zone. At night, these rides light up, which gives life and energy to the fair. Getting on the ferris wheel, which looks out over the ocean,  at sunset, is a breathtaking sight. There’s a ride for everyone. From big rides that flip you up and down, to smaller rides that spin you round n’ round, there is no doubt you will find something entertaining.

   The fair is also known for having great summer concerts. This year’s lineup includes artists of every genre. Noah Cyrus, Capital Cities, Little Big Town, and The Fray are just some of the artists hitting the stage this summer. Tickets for these concerts are cheap, and some are even free, so make sure to check out their website (

   With all this fun, attending the fair can sometimes get a little pricey. But have no fear, there are great ways to save. You can buy a season pass to get in all 26 days for only 28 bucks. Unlimited ride wristbands are also available on select dates and allow you to go on all the rides you want, without having to buy ride tickets. You also can buy a coupon book for five dollars that is filled with different discounts to use with various vendors at that fair. The book also includes a free admission for your next visit.

   Attention all 16 year olds! If you are the age of 16 on June 16, 2018, you don’t have to pay for admission. Score! Check out the San Diego County Fair website to find even more ways to save (

   There are some super cool and unique exhibits that the fair has to offer this year as well. The fair is very active with local schools, so there’s always a chance that people you know are having their work represented in the many student exhibits. They have showrooms filled with awesome artwork and projects done by students all over San Diego. In fact, UC High sends their yearbook to the fair every year, along with the Journalism Club sending their best newspapers and a two-page spread too. “We have won every year since I have been the advisor. This year we hope to get best overall,” explained Yearbook Advisor Elizabeth Frohoff.

   The fair is a great place to hang out with your friends, eat a whole lotta’ food, and have a good time. The annual event is known to bring friends together to see all the attractions, and you can even bring your family.  “When I go to the fair, I know it’s summertime and it’s the time to have fun.” said Senior Bianca Sereno. The best thing about the fair is how well rounded it is. There really is something for everyone. So even if you think that you won’t have fun, chances are you’ll be surprised.

     If you find yourself sitting at home with nothing to do, grab your best buds and head up to the San Diego County Fair. Eat all the bizarre foods you’ve always wanted to try, ride all of the twisting and turning rides you see, and most importantly, have fun!


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