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Top 10 Things to do Before You Graduate

Jenna Harper, Features Editor

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   As the 2017-18 school year comes to a close, and our graduating Senior Class looks to the future, they are left with only mere memories of their high school experience, flashbacks of the days between freshman and senior year. The questions, however, are: “Did you make it memorable? Did you truly get the full high school experience? Are you at all ready for the real world?” Well, if the answer is no (or yes, but you’re still intrigued) you’re in luck… Here are the top ten things to do before graduation in the 49 days you have left!

10.) Prep Those Life Skills- Whether you’re heading to college or diving straight into the workforce, you’re going to need some basic life skills. Between cooking for yourself, doing your own laundry, and much more, free time before graduation is the best time to prepare.

9.) Make Friends- I know, I know, this sounds so cliche, but making a friend in every grade guarantees that your high school legacy will live on a few more years. But if social stature doesn’t peak your interest, then just the appeal of having new friends should be enough — and yes, that includes the freshmen.

8.) Confess Your Love– Although it might be another chapter in the book of most cliche things a person can do, no one wants to move on in life while still holding onto regrets. Even if you don’t go full Say Anything with a boombox outside the person’s window, telling that particular someone how you feel, or have felt for a while, is a good way to move on from your high school self. And who knows, maybe he or she has something to tell you too…

7.) Go To Prom- Perhaps the most memorable high school experience someone can have is going to Prom with best friends and fellow peers. Dressing up and dancing up a storm at the San Diego Zoo will be one of those great adventures that you’ll remember forever.

6.) Senior Prank- This is without a doubt your best chance to leave a legacy at UC High. If executed correctly, your prank could go down in our high school’s history and be celebrated by seniors for years to come. However, avoid doing anything illegal or that could stop you from walking at graduation.

5.) Spend Time with Your Besties- Before you know it you’ll be a graduate, and missing the days when you could see your friends and best friends every day. Now is the time to make as many memories with them as you can. A perfect way to do this is to take a trip. Whether it be a road trip up the coast or party-time down the coast, you’ll definitely have a blast with your besties.

4.) Make Amends- As previously stated, no one wants to move on in life while still holding on to regrets. Pre-graduation is the time to put on your big kid pants and make amends with those you have wronged or those who have wronged you. You never know how positively being the bigger person might affect you.

3.) Capture the Moments- Long after high school, there will come a day when you’re reflecting upon your life and you’ll dig up all the old pictures of your younger days. While it’s agreed that some memories should only ever be captured in your head, taking pictures of you and your friends having the time of your lives and moving forward into a new part of it, are keepsakes you’ll always cherish.

2.) Embrace Future You- In an effort to remind yourself of what you were like at the ripe old age of eighteen (or seventeen for some) write a letter to future you. Detail the good times and the bad times, who your friends are, what you hope you’re doing at the time you open this letter. Future you will probably love reminiscing on the times when you were oh-so young.

1.) Celebrate- This pretty much goes without saying, but go celebrate! You did it… you made it through high school (alive) and you’re going on to greener pastures. Celebrate your accomplishments and how hard you’ve worked to get here. You deserve it!

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Top 10 Things to do Before You Graduate