Spring: How to Jump into the Sunny Seasons

Emma Truchan, Staff Writer

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   Spring is a special time of year in San Diego, with many annual local attractions offered to the community. From flower patches of beautifully vibrant blossoms to performing arts events promoting local artists, there is something for everyone before summer comes.

   The coming of spring also means the coming of America’s favorite pastime: baseball. “My family has an annual tradition of going to a Padres game or two every year,” commented Senior Alex McGee. Whether it’s attending one of UC High’s Boys Baseball games, or viewing a major-league game such as one of our very own San Diego Padres at Petco Park, sitting down to enjoy a game of baseball with a bag of peanuts or Cracker Jacks is a perfect springtime event in which to participate.

   A must-see spring attraction is the Carlsbad Flower Fields. The fields of vibrant, blossoming flowers are open until May 13. The ranunculus flowers that cover the vast majority of the seemingly endless fields cover the landscape in a spectacular array of colors, making the landscape the epitome of spring, and a perfect opportunity to celebrate the spring season. According to the Flower Fields official website, admission for the the fields is 16 dollars for adults and 8 dollars for children ages three to ten (theflowerfields.com). Guests can walk among the 50 acres of beautiful flowers in full bloom, take a wagon ride along the paths, wander among the wonderfully aromatic sweet-pea maze, and purchase fresh-cut flowers. The flower fields are a staple event for the spring season in San Diego.

   While in Carlsbad, be sure to visit the Carlsbad Strawberry Field as well, where visitors are invited to pick and choose their own juicy, red strawberries from the bountiful crops. Buckets can be purchased for picking. If guests would like to bring home a basket of pre-picked berries, they are sold at the front. According to the strawberry fields’ official website, the “U-Pick” strawberry event is open from 9-5 every day, and it is recommended to come towards the end of April or early May when the strawberries are at their prime. So be sure to make it down to the strawberry fields before it’s too late!

   Another local destination for the spring season is the hiking trails in the Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve. According to the reserve’s official website, the natural beauty of the land can be observed by hiking a multitude of trails, such as High Point Trail, Razor Point Trail, and the Beach Trail (torreypine.org). The length and difficulty of the trails vary, giving options to visitors depending on the level of arduousness that’s being sought. But with each and every trail, the splendor and magnificence of the land can be seen. With the nature surrounding the trails, and the breathtaking view of the beach below the cliffs, this local treasure is a must-see before the weather warms up and trails and beaches begin to crowd.

   Another fun spring event is the Sights and Sounds showcase that raises money for the school. McGee said, “I saw the Sights and Sounds Showcase at the Lawrence Family JCC [Jewish Community Center] on April 13.” The Sights and Sounds Showcase is an annual evening show that promotes the performing arts of students and staff alike. This annual favorite displays many local bands and solo artists from UC High and is a great way to share the arts with family. Additionally, the showcase also holds a silent auction, sells desserts, and holds a cocktail party for adult attendees. UC High English Teacher Aaron Pores, a member of the band known as the Widows, who performed at the Sights and Sounds Showcase, said, “The showcase brings students and staff together. A lot of the time, I’ll see students walking around campus with their instruments, and it’s great to actually see them play.” This event is a perfect opportunity to support the creativity of friends and staff members, and as it only happens during the spring, it constitutes a way to welcome in the season!

   This spring season offers a multitude of local events, something for everyone to enjoy. These are fun-filled attractions that simply cannot be missed!

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