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Love, Simon Accurately Portrays Coming Out Story

Micahrae Osteria, Features Editor

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   For a film to really give me the chills, it needs to be inspiring, empowering, and a little gay (literally). Love, Simon, directed by Greg Berlanti, is a breath of fresh air for the LGBT+ genre of films. Based on the novel Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli, Love, Simon is a coming-of-age film that’s geared towards the LGBT+ community, as well as allies of the community. It follows the story of Simon Spier (Nick Robinson) as he struggles to come to terms with his sexual orientation as someone who’s gay. The film has an amazing cast, a beautiful soundtrack, relatable humor, and an incredible plot.

   The cast, in all its diversity, were a huge part of what made the film so incredible to me. There were gay characters, African-American love interests and leads, and so much more. I’ll admit, I wasn’t sure how I felt about Nick Robinson, a straight actor, playing Simon Spier, the main gay protagonist. With LGBT+ films such as this one, it’s especially hard to nail the lead character, but Robinson executed his role perfectly. In some of his more emotional scenes, I was brought to tears, because he portrays his character so accurately and relatably. Emily Spier (Jennifer Garner) and Jack Spier (Josh Duhamel) were especially touching in their roles as Simon’s parents. They each have their own individual scene with Simon, once he comes out, which left me smiling and a little misty-eyed.

   For me, a film needs to have a soundtrack that balances smoothly with the movie, and Love, Simon’s does just that. Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” and the Jackson 5’s “Someday at Christmas” are just two of the more popular songs from the soundtrack, and both work incredibly well within the film. There are even some lesser known artists, such as the Bleachers with “Alfie’s Song” and “Rollercoaster”. The soundtrack definitely is a major part of the movie, and it adds a lot to the experience. I even found myself listening to the soundtrack once I got home. “I’m really excited for the music in the movie. Just based on the trailer, I could already tell that the songs are going to be stuck in my head for about a month after I watch it,” said Junior Mia Ligason.

   The film is categorized as a romantic comedy-drama, and let me tell you, the comedy is definitely there. If I wasn’t crying during the movie, then I was chuckling away in my seat. I could already tell that the film was going to be a goldmine of comedy just based on the movie posters alone. It ranged from jokes such as “he’s done keeping his story straight” to “coming out 2018.” Even though this film handles some pretty serious topics, such as coming out and coming to terms with your sexual orientation, it still manages to keep the mood light, with witty banter and humor. They even manage to joke about and mention memes, which in my case, is extremely relatable as well as funny. I think that the comedy balances out the drama and the romance perfectly, making it one of my favorite feel-good films of the year so far. “I’m really interested in Love, Simon because I love love stories, and it’s a new twist on love that you don’t see often in the media. I think it’ll be a good movie to watch, and the trailer seemed hilarious yet at the same time serious, so it sounds like a good balance of both,” said Senior Catrina Vo.

   The plot is honestly not what I was expecting, but it made the movie so stunning and wonderful. There is definitely a twist that I wasn’t expecting myself, but don’t worry, I won’t spoil it for you. The best thing about the plot is how relatable it is. Not only does it highlight the more serious topics of bullying and rejection, but it also talks about coming out and admitting that sometimes (or a lot of the time) you’re wrong.

  Although there are many twists and turns, it’s all part of the process of Simon’s coming out story, and I think the plot is a beautiful representation of what coming out can feel like for many LGBT+ teens. Simon’s journey is incredibly relatable, and it’s such a profound film that encompasses so many little nuances about being a gay teen that many tend to overlook. “I’m really excited for the movie. I’m not into love stories most of the time, but it’s a twist and it’s really passionate and unique. I think it’s a good time in this day and age to bring up the issue of coming out,” said Junior Ari Weizman.

  Love, Simon is a triumph for gay representation. This type of film should’ve been made years ago, but it’s better late than never. Definitely watch this film or at least give it a shot. It moved me, just as it moved others as well.

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Love, Simon Accurately Portrays Coming Out Story