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Upcoming Oscars Make History with Nominations

artwork by Stephanie Carreto

Antonia Le, Editor-in-chief

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  Glittering evening gowns, inspirational celebrity speeches, and embarrassing envelope mix-ups – why do you watch the Oscars? An annual event that marks the end of Hollywood’s “awards season,” the Academy Awards (nicknamed the “Oscars”) are a television spectacle that dominates conversation in the weeks leading up to and following it. This year in particular, the Ninetieth ceremony looks to be one of the most interesting ceremonies of awards yet.

   The Oscars have evolved greatly over their 90 years of history. According to an article by ABC News, the awards show was originally created to let its founder encourage Hollywood to make the kind of movies he liked ( By 2018, the Oscars have evolved into a yearly celebration of film that appeals to many.

   “My favorite Oscar nominated movie of the year was Darkest Hour, as it was dramatic and emotionally moving, and included many dramatic twists. It is a historical movie, so I was able to become more educated on the history of England’s role on World War II as well as being entertained,” said Junior Tori Michaelian.

    “I expect Dunkirk to come home with a good number of the most prominent awards,” said Film Arts Teacher Ian McAvoy.

   “I wouldn’t be too surprised if there was an upset in the Best Picture category. Ever since they expanded from five choices to nine or ten, it’s been more difficult to predict,” said Film Arts Teacher Richard Norton.

   Ninety years later, the Oscars are still making history with some pretty unprecedented nominations. According to an article by the Washington Post, while horror movies and superhero films often get ignored by major awards shows, this year’s Oscars gave nominations to both the satirical horror film Get Out and the darkest addition to the  X-men series,  Logan (

   In the wake of previous years’ #OscarsSoWhite controversies, this year’s Oscars mark a push toward inclusivity. Films such as Get Out and The Shape of Water deal with racism and intolerance, respectively. People of color were nominated for both on and off-screen categories. According to an article from an entertainment news website, “…non-white performers appeared across the acting board, including Denzel Washington, Octavia Spencer, Mary J. Blige and Daniel Kaluuya.” Additionally, Jordan Peele became the fifth African-American man to be nominated for the “Best Director” category ( His film Get Out was also nominated for the “Best Original Screenplay” category, a category that also nominated Pakistani-American Kumail Nanjiani’s work with his wife Emily V. Gordon on The Big Sick (

   This year’s Oscars are not only more diverse ethnically, but also in terms of gender. Greta Gerwig became the fifth woman nominated for “Best Director” for her film Lady Bird. Meanwhile, Rachel Morrison became the first woman to be nominated for “Best Cinematography,” and Dee Rees became the first African-American woman to be nominated for “Best Adapted Screenplay” for their work on Mudbound (

   The increase in inclusivity may be a result of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (the voting “Academy” behind the “Academy Awards”) inducting new members to vote on awards. According to an article by the Washington Post, last summer, the organization opened up membership to 774 new members (bringing the total membership to over 800), many of whom were women and people of color (

   Not only are the Oscars a great way to honor the people that make our favorite movies great, it is also an exciting thing to watch on a Sunday night when you don’t know what else to do. No matter who you are or what happens on March 4, the Oscars are sure to be fun.

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Upcoming Oscars Make History with Nominations