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Top 10 Ways to Score a Date to Sadies

Hope Denison, Staff Writer

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  With the Sadie Hawkins’ Dance just around the corner and down the street, we ladies can already feel the stress setting in. The perfect dress, the perfect shoes, and — of course — the perfect date. So what is one to do when she has zero ideas about who to ask and how to ask? You’ll have to figure out who, but here are ten affordable and easy ways to ask that person to the dance that just may guarantee your date will say yes.

10.) Get Delicious This one takes a bit of planning. Take your possible date out to dinner and ask the kitchen staff to spell out “Sadies” with food.  How could they say no when food is involved?  Especially if you’re paying.

9.) If You’re into the Sporty Type Surprise your possible date at one of their games, with a poster that says something creative or funny about the sport they play, possibly a pun or other type of play on words. Make sure it’s a game he or she has a sure chance of winning so that person will be in a good mood; it will increase the chances of a yes.

8.) For the Cinema Lover -Do you and your possible date have a favorite movie or scene from a movie?  Make a poster using a scene or character from that film. This option is easy, but still cute and personal.

7.) Don’t be Scared to be Punny If you don’t know much about the person you want to ask, or just like to be cheesy, this is the perfect one for you. Check out Pinterest to find the perfect cheesy saying.  My personal favorite: buy the person you are asking a small goldfish (or draw one on a poster) and have the poster say, “Out of all the fish in the sea, you’re the one for me.”

6.) Personalization is Key  A personalized invitation is always the most sentimental, and proves that you know that person well. Use some of your favorite memories or photos together (maybe create a small scrapbook?) to create a sweet and one-of-a-kind ask.

5.) Ask Your Besties for Help– Get a couple of your closest friends together to help you ask your date. Asking them to help you spell something out is always a good call. What about spelling out “Sadies?” across a group of white shirts? This one is my favorite, because you aren’t even asking, you’re making your friends do it!

4.) Artistry is Always a Winner If you are feeling super artsy, or are into the artsy type and want to impress him or her, a cute idea is to paint or otherwise craft something. An example would be making a bowl in the beloved ceramics class here at UC High and etching “Sadies?” into it.

3.) Got a Car? Use your car and buy some washable paint to spell out Sadies on your car window. Hopefully he or she says yes, but on the on the off-chance that he or she doesn’t, this one is easy to reuse, since it’s not personalized.

2.) Play into Their Musical Side- Take the lyrics or name of your possible date’s favorite song and change the words into a creative way to ask.  You can even sing it to him or her if you really want to. That will make him or her say yes for sure!

1.) Be Bold- If you’re feeling bold, go for a public ask. If you want everyone to see, ask during lunch in the middle of the quad.  They’re less likely to say no if it’s in front of everyone, and you might even go viral!

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Top 10 Ways to Score a Date to Sadies