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Top Ten Best Horror Movies

Jenna Harper, Features Editor

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   As the spookiness of the Halloween season approaches, and we teenagers are looking for the best scares around town, many turn to the classic horrors and thrills provided by scary movies. Here are this ghostly season’s top picks!

10.) Lights Out When Rebecca moved out of her childhood home, she thought she was free of the haunting and nightmarish figure that lurked in the darkness. But she could not have been more wrong. Lights Out is a supernatural show stopper that is sure to make you sleep with the lights on for a while.

9.) The Quiet Ones Taking place in 1974, an unorthodox professor sets out to manifest a poltergeist… from a young girl. The whole film is not only offsetting, but also ends with an unnerving and unexpected twist.

8.) The Purge A realistic-fiction terror, The Purge leaves viewers with a sense of newfound paranoia about those around them. In an alternate time, America implements a 12-hour period when any and all criminal activity is legal. During these 12 hours, horrifying events transpire, taking a toll on even the most moral of people.

7.) Insidious Courtesy of the legendary Director and Screenwriter James Wan, Insidious truly lives up to its title. Two parents take extreme measures when it seems their comatose son is stuck in a haunting alternate world, trailed by a malicious spirit.

6.) Annabelle This Conjuring-based spin-off movie, much like its predecessor, plays upon the fear of dolls, pediophobia, in the most malignant of ways. A creepy vintage doll is turned into a demonic conduit by a devil-worshipping cult, and the demise is not a pretty or a happy one.

5.) Oculus Now an adult, Kaylie Russell, still haunted by the violent death of her parents 10 years earlier, sets out on a mission to prove that her younger brother, Tim, was not their killer — but a daunting and supposedly haunted mirror was. The mirror, called the Lasser Glass, causes malevolent hallucinations and illusions, all leading to an evilly surprising ending.

4.) Split This movie is the psychological mystification of 2017. Split involves D.I.D, dissociative identity disorder, and the terrifying toll it takes on Kevin, a man with an astounding 23 identified personalities. This film will chill you to the bone.

3.) The Conjuring Another James Wan masterpiece, this infamous cinematic horror is almost guaranteed to leave its viewer with haunting images of ghostly nuns, creepy dolls, and countless other nightmare-inducing scenes. The Conjuring has become a horror night classic.

2.) Get Out As an interracial couple reach the meet-the-parents phase of their relationship, Chris and Rose go for a weekend away to Rose’s parents house. As the weekend progresses, a series of disturbing events lead to an unimaginable truth. This thriller is a plot-twisting must watch.

1.)  It Based on Stephen King’s 1986 novel, this suspenseful film about a demonic clown who emerges from the sewers every 27 years to feed off the fears of young children is the “It” movie to watch this Halloween.

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Top Ten Best Horror Movies