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Ghost Story: The Mystery of the 400 Building Bathrooms

Stephanie Carreto, Staff Writer

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   Staying for after-school tutoring was a normal routine of yours. That is until you woke up with your face pressed against the cold floor and your head pounding. Being locked inside the 400 building bathrooms is not something you ever thought possible, but apparently, it’s possible. Not remembering when or how you got in there, you groggily make your way to the tall blue doors. When you try to open the door, it’s locked.

   Stumbling around the corner, you try pushing open the other door. Much to your dismay, it’s also locked shut. Taking off your backpack, you search for your phone to call someone — but it’s not in there. Beginning to feel that something is off, a sense of dread washes over you, and you start trying to open the doors once more. No matter how much pounding, yelling, or kicking you do, no one ever comes.

   Looking around the dimly lit bathroom with despair, you notice a small figure sitting in the back corner. Curled up in a ball, you see it rocking back and forth, back and forth, its long hair covering its face. Unsure of what else to do, you inch closer to get a better look.

   You call out, “Hey, are you okay?” The figure stops rocking.

   An eerie silence follows your words, and the overhead light closest to the figure explodes and shuts off. Startled by the loud noise, you jump back. Another light goes out. As each light flickers off, the figure gets closer. With only the last surviving light above you, you can no longer see the figure. A rancid smell becomes prevalent, burning your nose. As your eyes adjust, you can faintly make out its outline once again, in the corner, but this time it’s not curled up in a ball. On all fours, its arms and legs seem as if they’re stretched and broken. The more you stare at it, the more you’re able to make out the details.

   Its hair is a tangled mess of black tresses and bloody, decomposing pieces of flesh. Its mouth is slightly open, just enough for you to see its rotten teeth behind the wide smirk. You stare into its eyes, becoming lost in the pitch black holes. Tears well up in your eyes,  not being able to hold the stare much longer. You blink.

   As you slowly open them, you see that the figure is gone. Your eyes dash around the bathroom, looking for the creature. You turn to reach for the door once more, heart pounding loudly in your ears. While you’re struggling, you feel something moist on your head.

   You look up slowly, only to see the creature staring down at you, mouth wide open. You feel a lump forming in your throat; your screams are muted as it reaches down for you with its claws.

   Everything goes black.

   You wake up with your head between your legs, rocking back and forth, back and forth. You hear a faint voice call out to you, “Are you alright?” You stop rocking and look up to see a UC High student at the other end of the bathroom.

   As you try to move closer, you notice terror in those eyes.

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Ghost Story: The Mystery of the 400 Building Bathrooms