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Duo Costumes Are a Two-For-One Package

artwork by Helen Tadesse

artwork by Helen Tadesse

Micahrae Osteria, Features Editor

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   The bubbling of murky cauldrons, bobbing for candy apples, and the spotting  of spooky Jack O’ Lanterns may symbolize Halloween. But none of it is complete without vibrant and exuberant costumes to match. In order to fully experience Halloween, you need to wear a quirky or creative costume, and what’s better than a two-for-one package? Pair costumes can be done with another family member, one of your best friends, or even your significant other. Duo costumes are a classic, and will never go out of style.

   It’s-a me, Mario! Oh, and Luigi too. This super fun pair costume is easily recognizable and can be customizable to however you want to wear it. What you need for both costumes are just brown combat boots, overalls, white gloves, and incredibly bushy and fake (or real) mustaches. For Mario, all you’ll need is a red top and a red hat with an ‘M’ on it. For Luigi, you’ll need a green top and a green hat with an ‘L’ on it. Whether you want to dress it up or dress it down, it’s totally up to you.

   Look out, the Batmobile is here! Batman and Batwoman, one of the more iconic duos, have outfits that are easily recognizable. Depending on how detailed or how simple you want your costume to be, it will be pretty easy to customize to however you want. Batman usually sticks to black, grey, and yellow, so you’ll want to get some black boots and black gloves, grey bottoms with black shorter bottoms over them, and a gray top. For the details, you’ll want to have the bat symbol on your chest and a yellow utility belt of some sort around your hips. As for Batwoman, you might want to get a black longsleeve with a red emblem of the Batwoman symbol, along with black pants. You’ll also want red boots, gloves, and cape. When looking at the details, you’ll also want a red wig to showcase her eyecatching hair. Now you can save Gotham City and go trick-or-treating on the side.

   What once seemed unachievable and impossible as a child can now be fulfilled with just one stop to your local mall. You too can be a Fairly Odd Parent and have wands and wings and “floaty crowny things.” Although this may not grant you the magic that made so many dreams (and disasters) possible, it’ll still grant your wish of having a fun Halloween night. If you dress up as Cosmo, you’ll want black bottoms, black shoes, a white button up, and a black tie. For Wanda, black bottoms, black shoes, a yellow top, and yellow earrings are ideal. Of course, you can’t forget the telltale hair colors of both characters. It’s up to you whether you want to use a hairspray color or a wig, but for Cosmo, you’ll want to have green hair, and for Wanda, you’ll want pink hair with a curl.

   Aw shucks! Arguably the most archetypal, well-known, and classic pair to exist, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse are costume favorites when it comes to Halloween. Not only are they super adorable, but their outfits are also super easy to spot in a crowd. With big white gloves, polka dots, and lots of red, you’ll be looking like the pair in no time. For Mickey, you should get a black top, red shorts with two big white dots on them, and yellow shoes. For Minnie, you’ll want Minnie’s classic red bow with white polka dots, a black top, a red bottom with lots of polka dots on them, and yellow shoes. For both of them, you’ll want to get some white gloves and some mouse ears.

   Now, these definitely aren’t the only pair costumes out there, but they’re a good place to start when thinking of what duo you want to dress up as. “I think duo costumes are pretty cool, because it shows a good relationship between the two people dressing up. It shows that they have a common interest,” Senior Eli Sanchez said. “It’s better than dressing up alone,” he added.

   The best thing about Halloween is the freedom of creativity and the ability to put your own spin on any character or person you want. “Pair costumes can be really personal but super cute,” Sophomore Carina Tostado said. Sophomore Mica Giacon added, “Halloween should be celebrated with friends and family, so if you do a duo costume you can do it together and have fun while doing it.”

    Remember, fun and quirky costumes are a major part of the magic that fills the air during Halloween, so make your costume count!

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Duo Costumes Are a Two-For-One Package