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How to Beat the San Diego Heat this Summer

Vicky Aguilar

Vicky Aguilar

Jenna Harper, Staff Writer

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By Jenna Harper

Staff Writer

  Summer is coming in hot… literally. Summer is the season of sunny, hot weather, especially here in San Diego. Along with the nice warm weather, comes those days where you might as well be on fire, because it’s just that hot. Beating the heat sometimes seems impossible, but here are some tips to cool yourself down.

  Tip number one is, obviously, blast the AC. But for those of you whose AC access is limited or non-existent altogether, have no fear, there are other ways. Some ideas would be to fill a spritzer bottle with water, and spray yourself when you need a little pick me up and cool off. Another idea, crank on all your fans and open up the windows. This is good for air circulation, to keep that cool air flowing (

  Tip number two, hydration is key! When it’s hot, you start sweating, as it’s your body’s natural air conditioner ( Therefore, it’s very important to rehydrate as you’re sweating your body’s water supply out. Try to avoid dehydration, because it can cause irritation, fatigue, dizziness, and confusion (

  This next tip is more useful for warm nights when it’s just about impossible to fall asleep with all the sweating and hot flashes going on. It’s called chilly sheets. Just place your sheets, a pillowcase, or maybe even a stuffed plush pillow in a plastic bag and pop it into the freezer for a few hours before bed to stay nice and cool all night long, or at least until you fall asleep (

  The next one is for all the connoisseurs and lovers of dessert. Eat! However, try to avoid hot foods, as they’ll just escalate your body temperature, and won’t do much good. Go for the chilled out cold items, such as ice cream, popsicles, icy drinks, acai bowls, and cooled down fruits. These chilly treats not only taste good but will keep your body temp lowered (

  The last tip is a southern California special, hit the beach! Whether you’re going for a dip in the water or hanging out in the sand, the beach vibes alone can keep you cool. Of course, if you can’t make it to the beach, there is always a local pool around somewhere to take a dip and stay cool. According to Junior Mia Ryan, “The best thing to do when it’s hot outside is throw on some shorts and a tanktop and go to the beach. I also love exploring around San Diego and getting acai.” Likewise, Freshman Lorenzo Palecchia said, “My favorite thing to do on a hot summer day is going to the beach and drinking cold Thai tea.”

 As summer sets in and the weather starts to heat up, just remember to use this simple tips, as they’re super effective and manage not to break the bank!

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How to Beat the San Diego Heat this Summer