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So You Say You Can’t Dance?

Kaliah Fletcher, Opinions Editor

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By Kaliah Felcher

Opinions Editor

   Fellow students — Prom is approaching, and with it comes the crippling anxiety known to all the rhythmically challenged out there. Those are the people who keep their backs to the wall, painfully aware of the ways they’re lacking on the dance floor. Your hips can’t twist like that, or your booty doesn’t move like that, or your friend can it drop down and bust it open, but your knees would give out and leave you sprawled out on the floor, humiliated, and probably the star of a trending video on Twitter.

Well, have no fear! Get your back off that wall, and get your butt on that dance floor, because with these tips you’ll be a dancing king or queen in no time.

The first step to great dancing is to relax and have fun! Dancing becomes much easier when you’re doing nothing but feeling the beat and enjoying yourself. For those people who are a little awkward and a lot anxious, this is meant in the best way, but: no one cares about what you’re doing. People at a dance are all in their own little bubbles, not worrying about you (or your possibly lame moves) at all. So the first thing you must do, even before you start dancing, is rid yourself of the notion that all eyes will be on you, judging. Don’t be afraid to get out there and lose some of your inhibitions.

The second step is tackling those beginner moves. Standing with your feet shoulder width apart gives you better balance while dancing, especially if you’re wearing heels. (If you’re wearing a long dress to Prom, girls, make sure those heels stay out of the way of your train — you don’t want to take a spill.)

Guys, don’t be afraid to move those hips! Circular motions with your hips, as well as swaying and/or rocking motions are easy to groove into while leaving enough room for embellishment. In this case, embellishment means an arched back, hands in the air or swinging up by your sides, fingers in your hair, or a shoulder shimmy or two. Do a little spin every now and then to keep things interesting.

Staying in one place and alternating between the same three moves is a better alternative than trying to copy more experienced dancers around you. Being obviously uncomfortable is way more likely to make you look awkward than, say, doing the Sprinkler. So, stay in your comfort zone. Do what makes you feel good. Of course, practice makes perfect. The more you dance, and the more comfortable you become with your body — the better dancer you’ll be.

Dancing with a partner is a trickier situation, especially if they dance like Beyoncé and you dance like, well, you. However, the same key tricks to dancing still apply: have fun, listen closely to the music, and pay attention to yourself and your partner. As long as you’re in sync with each other and you’re having a good time, you’re dancing well together.

Dancing is considered an art, because it’s there for everyone to take part in and enjoy. It’s an expression of joy. Sometimes we let our hang ups get in the way of that joy. If you’re one of those people who hate dancing, because you’re scared of looking dumb or getting laughed at, you’re only getting in the way of yourself. Hopefully, these small tips will be enough for some of us to try putting ourselves out there sometime in the near future. Next time you’re at a party, or a bonfire, or hey, PROM, don’t be afraid to step on floor and dance you’re a** off!

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So You Say You Can’t Dance?