It’s Time to Clean Out More than Just Your Closet

Jenna Harper, Staff Writer

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By Jenna Harper

Staff Writer

To many, spring cleaning is the annual closet clean out. However, along with the literal spring cleaning, comes the figurative spring cleaning. This kind of spring cleaning is all about your psyche, whether it be a social media cleanse or ridding yourself of unhealthy friendships. Here are some of the best ways to kick off your spring cleaning season!

With winter, comes shorter days and freezing temperatures that invite complaints and negative attitudes. However, spring brings back that newer, cleaner, and more light-hearted attitude to many. So to start an internal spring cleanse, you can start looking at the glass-half-full once again. Use this period of renewal to look forward to all of the positivity, love, and humor that life has to offer. Changing your attitude can liven up your life, and give you a refreshed outlook on things (

   A big theme of spring is growth and it’s hard to grow with people holding you back. Rid yourself of all those toxic friendships and relationships that provide you with a little more hate than love. Your relationships are essential in your life, as they help determine who you are. The people you surround yourself with have a big impact on your personality. So take this time to take a look at all your friendships, and cut loose a few of those unhealthy ones that hurt more than they help.

Reevaluate your basic values and morals. The values that you repeat to yourself as a mantra throughout the day, such as “patience is a virtue,” sometimes need a little touch-up. Whether you’ve changed, or your surroundings have been adjusted, it’s good to take a moment to think about those values that guide you throughout your life, and determine whether or not they still matter to you (

In addition to these previous ideas, another thing you can do is exercise your mind. Fitness gurus around the world have all types of methods to trim and tone your body, but what about your brain? Joining a book club or trying to learn a new language can help you exercise your brain, trimming down some of that useless information stuck up there, and add some new muscled up data. Or why not end each day with transcendental meditation? This may not only help you see things differently this spring, but also allow you to gain all types of new knowledge (

Try to rid yourself of bad habits. Whether you bite your nails, pick at your split ends, or procrastinate in an over-the-top fashion, spring cleaning is a good time to start working on it. Of course, it is a lot easier said than done, but breaking those habits will be worth the struggle (

According to Junior Victoria Stuecklen, “I’m trying to work on that fact that I worry about school and stuff a lot. I’m trying to find a balance, because it’s hard with sports and everything. So, I’m trying to not carry around that baggage that I’m always worried about.”

   All in all, the figurative spring cleaning is all about reminding yourself of who you are, getting rid of your old bad habits, and filling the space with new and exciting ways to live your life. However, you might want to clean out your closet too.




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