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UC High Dance Team Leaps into Winter Sports Season with Ease

Kayli Sandoval, Sports Editor

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  With football season long gone, the transition of our UC High Dance Team from football to basketball occurs in the midst of the new year. This year, the UC Dance Team is performing at a total of thirteen games (in the regular season), 4 per week, at both  jv and varsity games.
   Senior Captain Katie King said, “Football season is less hectic than basketball season. We performed less last year. This year we have more because there are Tuesday games and Friday games every week in January, as well as the first three weeks of February.”
Junior Kyla Esquivel expanded more on the topic: “There’s a lot more dedication during basketball [season], because we have to show up to all the games and do a lot more practices than we have to do with football [season].”
   King explained that during the football season, practices weren’t as mandatory, although everyone was still expected to show up. Esquivel added, “We have practices every Monday and Thursday. [Practices] are a lot more mandatory than practices that we do during football season, because football is spread out more than basketball. We have to show up to every practice and do a lot more work. They make us work a lot  harder, because we have a lot more games to perform at for basketball.”
   Dancing for the audience at a football game is a lot different than for the fans at a basketball game. Junior Hattie Connell explained, “We only perform at some of the games [during football season], and the performances are different because they [the audience] can’t really see you. So, for basketball, we have to have a lot more facial expression.”
   Connell went on and said, “There’s a lot more energy you need to keep up, and usually we’ll have a couple new dances for the basketball season.” While their schedule stays the same for practice, the amount of work put in is not equal. “Their practice schedule remains the same all year, two times a week for two hours each. The team learns approximately eight dances per year in which they rotate throughout both sport seasons,” said New Coach and Dance Team Alumni Gail Castan
Although the transition into the winter season seems like a lot of work and new adjustments, Captains Katie King and Gwen Hirko are handling it beautifully, exclaimed Connell.
   “Spectators often believe that dancing is easy but executing certain moves takes a lot of hard work and practice. Dance Team is one of the only teams that practices year round to prepare for the upcoming seasons. Many times, their hard work as dancers goes unnoticed. Their season is spent learning routines, cleaning them up, and improving their techniques. In addition to supporting many UC sports teams, and performing at their home games, they also participate in local community events,” Castan said.

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UC High Dance Team Leaps into Winter Sports Season with Ease