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UC High Students to Host Exchange Students from Melbourne, Australia

Jessamine Barham, Staff Writer

UC High will be hosting exchange students from Melbourne, Australia in January 2013. Between 30 and 40 UC High students and 5 teachers will take part in the program, volunteering their homes for the Australians to reside.
According to English Learner Coordinator Gail Hall, the Australian students and teachers will visit San Diego for ten days. They will stay with UC High students and teachers. Students are paired based on their age, interests and gender.
On some of the days during their stay, the Australian students will attend school with UC High students and experience what school is like in America, according to Hall. On top of this, the Australian exchange students will tour San Diego, and visit famous places such as Sea World, the San Diego Zoo, Old Town, downtown and the Carlsbad Pier.
Hall was one of the UC High teachers involved in the program last year. Hall said that one of the best parts of the program is “…the friendships that are made! Last year, when it was time to leave, you could feel that these students had become a part of the UC community,” stated Hall.
Junior Avery Bonner participated in the program last year, and hosted an Australian student named Sammy. Bonner said, “It was kind of like having a really polite sister, who was really interested in what I was doing, and who had a cool accent.”
Bonner said that she enjoyed the program, and that she liked being a part of something that Sammy would remember for the rest of her life. Bonner thought it was interesting to learn about what school is like in Australia. “They do school differently there. It’s like ours, but they call it college. Then they go to a trade school after grade 10 or 11. Also, their school has a lot more grades than ours and they all have to wear uniforms,” Bonner explained.
Bonner is not participating in the program this year, because she is too busy. She also worried about getting a student who wasn’t as cool as Sammy. However, Bonner’s friend, Junior Sandra Komar, will be participating this year. Komar is looking forward to having an Australian student staying with her.

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