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Please Prep Early for Perfect Prom

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By Debi Rahmanan

Staff Writer

Prom, the mother of all school dances. More formal, exclusive, and meaningful than the rest — Prom is one to be remembered forever. Sounds like a lot of pressure, right? Well, it is. For those of you who don’t work well under pressure, here’s a guide on how to prepare yourself for the one and only: Senior Prom.

There are many aspects of Prom to think about: who you’re going with, where you’re going, how you’re getting there, and of course, what you’re wearing. These are all plans that should be made far prior to the week of Prom, which many don’t typically understand.

Let’s start with getting the outfit together. While shopping, keep in mind that you’re going to be dancing, sitting, and eating in whatever you wear, so make sure it’s somewhat comfortable. If you are buying your attire online, order it as soon as possible, so you have time to return it and find a new one if needed. Also, give yourself time to get alterations done and buy accessories. According to a how-to website, if you are planning on renting a tuxedo or suit, do so a month ahead of time so you don’t have to pay any pesky short-notice fees. Not only will you have to pay extra for waiting until the last minute, but the style you want may be unavailable due to the rush of business during Prom season. Lastly, order a boutonniere or corsage a couple weeks ahead of time. “Make sure to order your corsage early! I made the mistake of buying my date’s corsage the morning of Sadies and had to pay a rush fee,” said Senior Josh Schneider. Pick it up the morning of Prom so the flowers are as fresh as your outfit!

Next is the question you’ve been pondering for months: “Who will I go to Prom with?” If you have someone special in mind, it’s never too early to ask! You should decide at least a month ahead of time who exactly you’re going with, whether it be just you and your friends, you and your date, or somewhere in between. If you’re torn between groups, just remember that we all end up in the same place, so you’ll get to spend time with anyone and everyone.

Once you know who you’re going with, you can make your pre-Prom plans. Discuss with your group where you are going to hold the infamous Prom photo shoot. First, find out if anyone you’re going with has a house suitable for photos. If not, you can always venture out to one of San Diego’s many beautiful backdrops. For example, Balboa Park, Glider Port, or the La Jolla Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Temple (the white Cinderella castle, you know). Don’t forget to bring someone along to act as photographer, so you can get a photo of your whole group. Most importantly, make sure you go out for pictures when it’s still light outside. You only get one shot at Prom pictures, so make it count! Once photos are out of the way, you’ll probably want to get dinner. If so, make reservations in advance. You should plan on getting something light that will energize you, rather than make you pass out. Also, be wary of messy foods; a barbeque sauce stain definitely doesn’t match your shoes.

Transportation really depends on the number of people you are going with. If it’s a larger group, you may have to take more than one car, unless you plan ahead of time for a limo. Whatever form of transportation you take, make sure there’s an auxiliary cord. “Make a playlist for the ride that will pump you up!” said Senior Alessandra Bressan. Also, consider what you’ll be doing after Prom when making your plans; if you are going out afterward, it may not be a good idea to drive yourself. Throughout the night of Prom, remember safety first.

The day before Prom is a day for relaxing. Prepare yourself for a day full of preparing by taking a nap, doing a face mask, and getting your nails done. Make sure that any beauty appointments or reservations for the next day are booked. Once you’ve done all that you can to get ready for the big day — all that’s left is to get good night’s sleep.


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Please Prep Early for Perfect Prom