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How to Survive This Allergy Season

Colin Grubensky, Staff Writer

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By Colin Grubensky

Staff Writer

   After a long and cold winter (like all winters here in San Diego), many people look forward to the warmth and color that springtime brings. Unfortunately, there are also those who dread the appearance of spring because the by-products make their lives terrible, specifically allergies.

Many allergies appear around springtime because plants and trees release pollen, a common allergen. Pollen usually results in nasal allergy symptoms such as a stuffy nose or sneezing. While it may seem like an uncommon occurrence to be affected by these maladies, the AAFA, or the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, claims there are more than fifty million people in the U.S who suffer from nasal allergy symptoms (

While there are many ways to combat allergies with over the counter medication, it’s just as easy to be comfortable in springtime without the tedium of taking medication. According to Reader’s Digest, some of the best ways to prevent allergens from affecting you include eating well, changing air filters in your air conditioner, staying otherwise healthy, and avoiding areas known to contain allergens (

Junior Evan Satre identifies with this: “I’m very allergic to grass, so I stay away from any freshly cut lawns or really any kind of greenery. My reactions are a huge nuisance, and it’s a pain to have to use medication if it can be prevented.”

For some, however, their reactions are too common to be prevented this easily: “I have to use nasal spray and take allergy medicine pretty often,” said Junior Alex Churness. “My eyes water and my face swells up whenever there’s a lot of pollen in the air.”

But never fear, pharma-skeptics, over-the-counter drugs are certainly not the only remedies for these springtime nuisances. “Naturopathic Doctor Doni Wilson.. .recommends patients take natural supplements like nettles and a plant pigment called quercetin to relieve allergy-induced runny nose, watery eyes, hives, and swelling. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, quercetin acts as an antihistamine and an anti-inflammatory,” explained an article in the Huffington Post. Along with quercetin, Vitamin C, green tea, and cayenne pepper have also proven to have effects on the symptoms of nasal allergies, significantly decreasing swelling (

So as spring approaches and the dread of allergies encroaches, remember that there are myriads of ways to prevent these nuisances from ruining the spring season’s many opportunities. Whether it’s cleaning your house, fixing your air conditioner, trying an obscure and expensive tea from a Himalayan shaman, or simply remembering to take your allergy medicine this year (don’t lie, everyone knows you forgot last spring). You can rise above these pesky allergens and actually enjoy yourself this year.



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How to Survive This Allergy Season